PAT Testing

Whether you’re a school, college, restaurant or any business and require PAT testing services – we can help. Whatever the size or needs of your business, even if you’re a large commercial premises with hundreds of items.

Here at MC entertainments we can help. We PAT test throughout Studley and its surrounding areas such as Redditch, Bromsgrove , Worcester and Warwickshire.

PAT Testing Prices

We like to keep our pricing simple. Starting at only £50 for up to 50 appliances. The more items you have tested the less it will cost per item.

Please see our pricing table below.

Number of Items Price Per Item
0 – 50 £1
51 – 200 80p
201 – 400 70p
400 and Over Get in touch for a quote.

What is PAT testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a safety check of all electrical appliances with a plug, in compliance with and health and safety law. It is the responsibility of business owners to ensure that the electrical equipment they provide is safe for use. PAT testing your electrical appliances is also a good control measure to add to your workplace fire risk assessment, as it shows the business owner has taken a proactive approach to health and safety in the workplace.

PAT testing should only be carried out by a trained and competent person. The PAT test consists of a visual inspection of the plug and the equipment it feeds. This is done by opening up the plug and checking the wiring and the fuse whilst also inspecting the equipment for burn or scorch marks. If the appliance has an earth it will be tested through a special PAT test machine as a class 1 item. Appliances without an earth are tested as a class 2. Leads, extension sockets and multi-sockets are tested separately.

Once PAT testing has been carried out, you will then have an equipment register of all your tested electrical appliances, along with the test results and a PAT test certificate.

What does a PAT test consist of?

  1. A visual inspection of the appliance, flex and plug top itself. We will look for signs of any damage.
  2. Each plug top is opened. We will then check the correct fuse is fitted and the plug is wired correctly.
  3. Electrical Tests. We will put each of your appliances through a series of tests. These will ensure that they are properly earthed and insulated.
  4. Labels. We will put a label on each appliance indicating either a pass or a fail, including a test date, retest date and an appliance ID.
  5. Records. We will issue a detailed record for each appliance that has been tested. This will include an inventory summary as well as a certificate.

Each of our PAT tests include the following:

  • Free mileage within Studley , Redditch Bromsgrove, Worcester and Warwickshire.
  • Labels for all appliances.
  • Replacement of damaged plug tops or fuses.
  • Free minor repairs to plug top wiring.
  • Detailed records.

What can we PAT test ?

Leads & Extensions

  • 240V 13 Amp Extension Lead (Up to 50M)
  • 240V 15 Amp Extension Lead (Up to 50M)
  • 240V 13 Amp Plug – IEC Connector
  • 240V 13 Amp Plug – Cloverleaf Connector
  • 240V 13 Amp Plug – Figure of 8 Connector
  • 110V 16 Amp Socket – 110V 16 Amp Socket
  • 110V 32 Amp Socket – 110V 32 Amp Socket
  • 240V 16 Amp Socket – 240V 16 Amp Socket
  • 240V 32 Amp Socket – 240V 32 Amp Socket


  • Any Item with a 240V 13 Amp Plug
  • Any Item with a 240V 15 Amp Plug
  • Any Item with a 240V 16 Amp Socket
  • Any Item with a 240V 32 Amp Socket
  • Any Item with a 110V 16 Amp Socket
  • Any Item with a 110V 32 Amp Socket


We can test other items on request. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

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